Scots’ Cheer is a family-run company that produces a range of full-bodied, real fruit liqueurs, perfect for all occasions. Based in East Lothian near Edinburgh, we pride ourselves on using as many home-sourced products as possible. The juicy fruit for our Raspberry Vodka and the succulent blackberries for our Brammle Scotch Whisky liqueur, are grown in rich, fertile areas of Scotland. Lush land in England provides the crops for our Rhubarb Rum and Damson Gin. Our fruits are picked when they are ripe and plump. They are then immersed in high quality spirits. After a period of mellowing and maturing our unique liqueurs are bottled by us and have been popular with discerning drinkers for more than a decade. Scots’ Cheer remains an innovative company, constantly developing new products.   August 2016 will see the launch of our new, very exciting, book of cocktails.